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ies outside those limits. Phil▓ippine Official Map No. 25 reflects this. In a letter dated 18 November 1994 to th▓e American Radio Relay League, Inc

fficial Map

., the Philippine Amateur Radio Asso

ciation, Inc. wrote that, “one very important fact remains, the national agency concerned had stated

No. 25 issue

that based on Article III of the Tr

eaty of Paris signed on December 10, 1898, Scarborough Reef lies just outside the terri▓torial boundaries of th

d by the D

e Philippines”.111. In April 199

7, the Philippines turned its back on ▓its previous position that Huangyan Dao is not part of the Philippine territory. The Philippines

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tracked, monitored and disrupt▓ed an international radio expedition on Huangyan Dao organized by the Chinese Radio Sports Association. In disregard of historical fac▓ts, the Philippines laid its territorial claim to Huangyan Dao on the grounds that it is located within the 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone claimed by the P▓hilippines. In this regard, China made representation


s▓ several times to the Philippines, pointing out explicitly that Huangyan Dao is China’s inherent territory and that the Philippines


’ claim is groundless, illegal and void.112. On 17 February 2▓009, the Philippine Congress passed Republic Act No. 9522. That


act illegally includes into the Philippines’ territory China’s Huangyan Dao and some islands and reefs of Nansha Qundao. Chin

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